IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED: School Employee Evaluation Survey

The SEES survey is due this upcoming Friday, November 13th.

This report compiles data from all districts regarding the evaluation of public school employees during the 2014–15 school year. The data completes a federal mandate to report teacher and principal evaluation results and a Washington requirement for reporting of aggregated evaluation results for every employee group in our state’s public schools. OSPI compiles the data and submits on your behalf. This data is public information, and it is our goal to have 100 percent participation.

You can help by providing strong guidance to staff that timely completion of this survey is important. (NOTE: The survey is only accessible in EDS to district staff granted user access to the survey by their district’s data security manager.) Please urge attention to this matter so we will receive your completed survey by Friday’s deadline.

The School Employee Evaluation Survey is available in the Education Data System. An FAQ can be found at The memorandum link is

Assistance is also available from the Educator Effectiveness at 360-725-6118.