Partners & Participants

From its inception, the TPEP pilot has been a cooperative effort with the participation of key stakeholder groups along the way. The TPEP Steering Committee includes the organizations representing teachers, principals, school administrators, school directors, and parents.

Steering Committee Organizations

TPEP Steering Committee Organizations

Steering Committee Members


Name Organization
Sue Anderson OSPI
Maria Flores OSPI
Gil Mendoza OSPI
Lucinda Young WEA
Scott Poirier WEA
Gary Kipp AWSP
Ron Sisson AWSP
Bill Keim WASA
Helene Paroff WASA
Alan Burke, Ed.D. WSSDA
Kathryn Hobbs WSPTA


Educational Service Districts

The ESDs play a critical role in our project, leading our Regional Implementation Grants and supporting their regions efforts in regards to the Teacher/Principal Evaluation Pilot. They will continue to play a large role in the implementation, training, and support of the new evaluation system as we move toward 2013-14 and statewide implementation.

American Institutes for Research

AIR provides valuable research expertise, national policy perspective, data analysis, and policy and communication guidance for our project.

Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession

CSTP is an important partner in our work. Long supportive of the National Board Certified Teacher initiative here in Washington (among other projects), they providing planning, support, design, and training for the Instructional Criteria and Framework Feedback Specialists.

Washington Leadership Academy

The Washington Leadership Academy, a partnership between WASA and AWSP, provides training and support for the Leadership Criteria Framework and Feedback Specialists.