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Will evaluation data stored in eVAL be publicly available?
No. Evaluations and other evaluation related data can only be accessed by users with permission to view the website. The website is not publicly accessed via the web. Users of the website are directed to eVAL from a second website that manages the roles and permissions of eVAL users.

If eVAL is provided by the State of Washington, does that mean state officials can view my evaluations?
No. Only certain school and district leaders can view the contents of evaluations in eVAL. At the end of each year district officials submit a report to the state, which only contains the number of teaches and principals in each of four levels of proficiency.

Who can use eVAL right now?
eVAL is free to use for any Washington school district.

How do I get access to eVAL?
An EDS account (EDS is OSPI’s Electronic Data System) is required to access eVAL. Learn how to create an EDS account and request access to eVAL, or watch the video below.

Who do I contact for help with eVAL?

101Steve Schreinersschreiner@esd101.net509-323-2734
105Forest FisherForest.fisher@esd105.org--
112Debbie TshrigiDebbie.tschirgi@esd112.org360-750-7500 x 269
113eVAL Support Teameval@esd113.org360-464-6708
114Jeff Allenjallen@oesd.wednet.edu360-478-6865
121Conn McQuinncmcquinn@psesd.org425-917-7929
123Teri Kessie

John Kelly

171Pete Phillipspetep@ncesd.org509-667-7109
189Cathey Frederickcfrederick@nwesd.org--