Learning Point Documents

LPDThe Capturing the Learning Point documents are tools and best practices for implementing Washington’s new teacher and principal evaluation system. These ideas have been drawn from interviews with district leaders, principals, and teachers who have participated in the pilot project. The hope is that the lessons learned from their experiences will address concerns and lead districts toward greater success.

  1. Capturing the Learning Points Overview (PDF) NEW
  2. Early Decision Making and Engaging Stakeholders in Educator Evaluation (PDF) 1
  3. Developing Effective Observations That Are Reliable and Result in Professional Conversations (PDF) 2
  4. Measuring Student Growth (PDF) 3
  5. Time-Saving Strategies for Principals (PDF) 4
  6. Implementing New Evaluations: A Teacher’s Perspective (PDF) 5
  7. Implementing a Revised Educator Evaluation System (PDF)
  8. Communicating with Parents (PDF)
  9. Student Growth Goal Setting in the Classroom
  10. Download all the documents in a single file (PDF) 6

In addition to the Learning Point documents, be sure to check out the Communication Guide (PDF).

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