TPEP Reports, Studies, Presentations, & Surveys

Bulletins and Memos


  • Memo 053-15M: Educator Transition to Revised System, Educator Evaluation Data Collection, Evaluator Training, Teacher Training Fund, Implementation Clarifications, and Enhancements to eVAL (PDF).
  • Bulletin B038-15: Teacher and Principal Evaluation Program Teacher Training Funds 2015-16 (PDF).
  • Bulletin B002-15: Teacher and Principal Evaluation Project Update (PDF)


  • Memo 030-14: Teacher and Principal Evaluation Program Teacher Training Funds 2014-15 (PDF)
  • Bulletin B002-14: Teacher Training Fund Application Deadline 2013-14 SY (PDF)
  • Memo 003-14: Statewide Survey on Teacher Evaluation and Common Core (PDF)
  • Memo 002-14: “Second Evaluator” Recruitment (PDF)
  • Bulletin B041-14: Educator Evaluation Data Collection, Evaluator and Teacher Training, Enhancements to eVAL, and Request for Minor Modifications to Adopted Frameworks (PDF)


  • Memo 050-13: Teacher and Principal Evaluation Program (TPEP) Teacher Training Funds (PDF)
  • Bulletin B064-13: Complete the School Employee Evaluation Survey (PDF)

TPEP Legislative Reports

American Institutes for Research (AIR) Reports & Case Studies

2014-15 Reports

  • Washington Educator Preparation Programs Survey of Faculty
    • Key Findings for Teacher Preparation Programs (PDF)

    • Key Findings for Principals and Superintendent Preparation Programs (PDF)
    • Summary of Key Findings (PDF)
  • Examination of School Employee Evaluation Survey – 2013-14 (PDF)

2013-14 Reports

2012-13 Reports

  • TPEP Year 3 Report (PDF)
  • AIR 2012 State of the State Educator Survey Report: Summary of Key Findings (PDF)

2011-12 Summative Rating Report

  • Cross-Case Analysis of Teacher and Principal Summative Ratings (PDF)

2011-12 District Case Studies

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2010-11 District Case Studies

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Other Reports

  • From the University of Washington College of Education – Washington’s TPEP System:
    • Goal Setting and Measures of Student Growth for Instructional Improvement (PDF)
    • Efforts to Support Professional Development (PDF)
  • June 2014 Report from the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession


2014 TPEP Program Update

This presentation provides a brief overview of the history of the TPEP program as well as includes an update for the 2014-2015 school year. Districts are encouraged to personalize this presentation for their own context/district needs.

Download the 2014 TPEP Update Presentation:

August 2012 TPEP Webinar Updates

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Listen to the webinar audio (m4a file)
View the presentation slides (PDF)

December 2011 House Education Committee
December 2nd Presentation (PDF)

December 2010 Legislative Assembly Days
December 10th House Agenda (PDF)
December 2010 Presentation to the House Education Committee (PDF)
TVW Video for House Education Committee Meeting
December 6th Senate Agenda (PDF)
Senate Committee Services Memo re: Teacher/Principal Evaluation (PDF)
Anacortes School District Presentation (PDF)
TVW Video for Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education Meeting (starts at 48:23)

School Employee Evaluation Survey (SEES)

  • Examination of School Employee Evaluation Survey – 2013-14 (PDF)
  • 2013-14 SEES Data Release Notes (PDF)

    2013-14 SEES Data



    Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill 6696 created new evaluation criteria for both teachers and principals united by common themes. Educator evaluation now focuses on continuous improvement for every educator every year.

    Beginning in September 2013, every provisional teacher and principal in Washington and all those on probation changed to the revised process, which includes observations and measures of student growth. School districts also moved some of their experienced staff to the revised educator evaluation during 2013-14. By 2014-15, 83% of teachers and 95% of principals had moved to the revised system. The rest will transition by September 2015.

    OSPI will use performance ratings assigned in the spring of 2016 to establish a baseline for making policy decisions in the future. That will be the first data report that includes all teachers and principals in Washington.

    • 2013-14 is not representative of the entire educator population. Many school districts transitioned volunteers first. Educators in their first three years were also included early. The 2015-16 data will provide a more complete picture.
    • The Basic rating has two different meanings under the law. For teachers with more than five years of teaching experience, a summative rating of Basic has negative consequences. For teachers with fives years of fewer, the Basic summative rating has no negative consequence; it is expected that many early-career teachers will earn a Basic. Up to 30% of teachers in many districts have fewer than 5 years of experience.
    • In many small districts, the Superintendent serves in the role of principal and is evaluated by the School Board as a Superintendent, not as a principal.
    • The results for 2013-14 are much as the Steering Committee expected.

    OSPI is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals while still providing the public with educator performance data. In reporting student assessment results, data is suppressed (hidden) when there are fewer than ten students in the group being analyzed. The TPEP Steering Committee has applied the same principles here. For a complete copy of the 2013-14 SEES Data Release notes, please download the “Release Notes” above.

    2013-14 SY School Employee Evaluation Data – Principals (Excel)
    2013-14 SY School Employee Evaluation Data – Teachers (Excel)

    If you are looking for data from previous years, please contact the TPEP Office at