Student Growth Resources for Teacher Evaluations

As implementation progresses, OSPI is able to provide additional resources around Student Growth in Teacher Evaluation.  The resources below are from a variety of sources including AIR, CSTP, ESDs, OSPI, and Washington educators.

Criterion 3

Criterion 6

Criterion 8


Other Resources

Student Growth Goal Examples: CSTP, in partnership with OSPI, brought together a diverse group of educators from across Washington state. This group of educators worked to create a set of Student Growth Goal Examples. Download them in PDF.

Student Growth PowerPoint Presentation: PowerPoint presentation created by OSPI to assist both teachers and principals with including Student Growth in educator evaluations. Download the presentation in (PPTX) or (PDF). Slide 3 of the presentation references an excerpt from Visible Learning for Teacher by John Hattie. Download the excerpt in Word format (DOCX). The excerpt is formatted for half sheets; two to a page.

Teacher Student Growth Goal Setting Form for Criterion 3 (PDF), Criterion 6 (PDF), and Criterion 8 (PDF): Provided by Kennewick School District, these sample teacher goal setting forms walk a teacher through a process for setting student growth goals. Download a comprehensive goal setting form for all three criterion, including explanations for each step (PDF). Also provided is a sample student growth goal for a High School Biology teacher using the goal-setting form (PDF).

Analyzing Your Goals from All Angles (PDF):

Evaluating a Student Growth Goal (PDF): Developed by ESD 123, this template asks a series of questions to help a teacher determine if their student growth goal meets the criteria of being “effective” and a SMART goal.