Teacher Prep Module

Teacher Preparation Programs (WACTE)

There are 5 “Big Ideas” that came about:

  1. Washington passed a law in 2010 (E2SSB 6696; revised in 2012 as ESSB 5895) and now all teachers and principals are evaluated in a new way. This is a statewide initiative that everyone needs to incorporate into their practice. These reforms have been underway nationally for the last 6+ years, when The Widget Effect was published in 2009. As of the spring of 2014, all 49 states and the District of Columbia have changed their teacher evaluation legislation and/or guidance to reflect a fairly consistent vision of high-quality educator effectiveness.

  2. Implementation varies locally, tools and processes might be local, but the system is statewide and all locals build on one consistent design. The evaluation system (tools, processes, etc…) will look different district by district.
  3. Growth in student learning as a measure of educator performance is a key component of teacher and principal evaluation in Washington (and in 48 other states and the District of Columbia), as are the observable components of an educator’s practice.
  4. Conversations about educator practice are shifting to include multiple measures, be focused on professional growth, and ensure a rich, two-way collaboration between evaluator and evaluated.
  5. TPEP aligns with all stages of the teacher’s career continuum and the milestones along the way, including edTPA, ProTeach, and National Board Certification.
  • Teacher Prep (PPTX), (PDF)
  • Facilitator’s Guide (Word), (PDF)
  • Participant Handouts: