CEL’s 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric

An evaluation system that truly builds the capacity of our teachers will lead to better practice, which ultimately will result in greater learning for all students.
Stephen Fink, Executive Director

CEL’s Vision for Teacher Evaluation At the University of Washington’s Center for Educational Leadership (CEL), we believe that evaluation goes hand in hand with deepening the expertise of teachers to engage students in high quality learning while simultaneously increasing the expertise of school leaders to guide and support teachers in this improvement process. Our current and past work has touched 110 school districts in Washington alone since 2001. As a local public university, we understand what works best in different settings in Washington and we are able to to work side-by-side with your district in a cost-effective manner. CEL’s teacher evaluation rubric was developed in collaboration with the Anacortes School District as part of the Teacher/Principal Evaluation Pilot and is based on our instructional framework, the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (5D). The rubric aligns with the E2SSB 6696 criteria and supports what CEL has learned through our 10-year partnership with school districts in Washington.

Our Instructional Framework
Our work is built on our evidence-based instructional framework: the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (5D). The 5D was developed when CEL’s faculty conducted a thorough review of the literature in both the learning sciences and effective teaching practices, and mined the instructional expertise from some of the very best teachers and school leaders in Washington and across the country. The 5D framework provides critical questions for school and district leaders to consider as they observe the teaching and learning process and builds on:

  1. Purpose: Setting a clear, meaningful course for student learning
  2. Student engagement: Encouraging substantive, intellectual thinking
  3. Curriculum and pedagogy: Ensuring that instruction challenges and supports all students.
  4. Assessment for student learning: Using ongoing assessment to shape and individualize instruction
  5. Classroom environment and culture: Creating classrooms that maximize opportunities for learning and engagement

Our 5D framework helps teachers and leaders develop a common language and a shared vision as they undertake the hard work of improving student achievement. The 5D is used by school districts in Washington and across the nation.

Support for Districts
UWCEL is well-positioned to support districts in Washington. We offer:

  • Instructional Framework
  • Teacher Evaluation Rubric
  • Evaluation Design and Implementation Assistance
  • Support for District Leaders
  • Learning Walks
  • Professional Development Sessions
  • Products and Tools (videos, online courses, etc.)

We are ready to “roll up our sleeves” and work with you on designing and implementing your new teacher evaluation systems. For any information about our support for districts, please contact Patty Maxfield at pamax@u.washington.edu or 206-660-1898.

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Specific Learning Environments

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