The Model

Who Does the New Evaluation System Cover?

Classroom Teachers
The new evaluation system is designed for “classroom teachers.” Classroom teachers include physical education, art, music, and special education teachers. Librarians and instructional coaches can possibly be included, but ESAs (school counselors, speech language pathologists, nurses, therapists, etc) are not currently included in the new evaluation. However, ESAs, Teacher-Librarians, and Instructional Coaches who provide academically-focused instruction to students may be considered in the new evaluation system.

Principals and Assistant Principals
The new evaluation system is designed for certificated principals and assistant principals.

Expanding Evaluation Systems
Districts may consider creating four-tiered systems for non-classroom teachers, but are advised to consider the design and implementation of the new evaluation system.

Evaluation Model Components


Evaluation Component ESSB 5895
Criteria (RCW) No Changes – View Criteria
Criteria Definitions No Changes – View Definitions
Instructional/Leadership Framework 3 “Preferred Frameworks” officially adopted by Sept. 1, 2012
4-Tiered System Level 1 – Unsatisfactory
Level 2 – Basic
Level 3 – Proficient
Level 4 – Distinguished
Final Summative Scoring Methodology Must be determined by OSPI by Dec. 1, 2012
Cut Line 0-5 Years Experience: between Level 1 & Level 2
5+ Years Experience: between Level 2 & Level 3
Measures & Evidence Observation & Student Growth required by law


Evaluation Model Component Overview Video



  • Teacher on Focused At-A-Glance (PDF)
  • Teacher on Comprehensive At-A-Glance (PDF)

  • CEL’s 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric 2.0 At-A-Glance (PDF)
  • Danielson’s Framework for Teaching At-A-Glance (PDF)
  • The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model At-A-Glance (PDF)


  • Principal on Focused At-A-Glance (PDF)
  • Principal on Comprehensive At-A-Glance (PDF)
  • AWSP Rubrics At-a-Glance (PDF)
  • The Marzano School Leadership Model At-a-Glance (PDF)