TPEP Training Providers

The following groups are authorized to provide training using money from the Teacher Training Fund (iGrant Form Package 664).

Find a trainer for:

Instructional Frameworks

Leadership Frameworks

Learning-focused Supervision Specialists

ESD Training

Each ESD hosts regional opportunities to learn about student growth and plan for local implementation. Contact your ESD for details, or use the links below to view their TPEP training opportunities.

ICFFS/LCFFS (Instructional or Leadership Criteria and Framework Feedback Specialist)

A team of Washington State practitioners who are trained by framework author designees to provide facilitation around Stage 1 and 2 on the specific instructional or leadership framework chosen by OSPI as the “preferred instructional or leadership frameworks.” These practitioners applied and were selected by a state-level committee through a rigorous process. The ICFFs and LCFFs are not experts in the new evaluation law. They are gaining expertise around the frameworks by the framework authors as the foundational tool for the new evaluation systems for teachers and principals.

Framework Authors

Training can be provided by the people who develop and support our approved instructional and leadership frameworks. Contact information can be found for each framework on their framework overview page:

  • CEL 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric 2.0 – contact Patty Maxfield
  • Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching (2011) – contact Kate Dickson
  • Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation Model – contact Tina Boogren


Schedule a Session with a Learning-focused Supervision Specialist

In Washington State the focus of supervision has shifted from a contractual obligation to an opportunity for growth. Standards-driven, data-base conversations are a key factor in this effort. The developers of Learning-focused Supervision have trained and endorsed an expert cadre of practitioners who can provide an introduction seminar or two-day foundation training on the practical tools and templates for increasing skill and confidence with structured conversations that build professional expertise.